November 9, 2011

Mid-Week Musings

I had this old “Omni” magazine when I was a kid and I always remembered this cartoon. The caption at the bottom read “It’s just one God Damn thing after Another”. lol..

I’m still working out new dates for the film, but there are a few snags coming up. Jesse is booked on a feature shoot pretty much all of Nov-Dec so I’m not sure how that’s going to work out.

He does have a few single open days in there, but they don’t really jive with what we need to do so I’m not sure what I’m going to do here. I don’t really want to find another DP, so I’m still weighing the options.

Good for Jesse though, that’s awesome.

As you probably already noticed, I changed up the blog again. I couldn’t handle the clutter of the other one, and didn’t like the way it handled comments and older page content so I had to change it. I like this a lot better so it will probably stick around for a while.

On other fronts, I finished Mr. Benjamin’s Actor reel so he’s got some stuff he can pimp out now.  

In the mean time I’m kind of decompressing a little. I burnt myself out pretty bad on PREY not getting enough sleep during the post production effort and doing the Sony Gig so I’m taking a small breather.

I dusted off the stratocasters tonight and jammed over some fun fusion backing tracks with the Vox amp….lol. I forgot how much I miss playing my guitars. My chops were r-u-s-t-y…but it was still fun.. lol.

Maybe I need to get joker over here to jam some tasty licks with me. :-)  


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  1. You deserve some rest time. But I do like the jam session idea :)

  2. Why does it sound so dirty when you talk about Joker and tasty licks at the same time?

  3. Everything involving the Joker has the potential to be nasty.

  4. That’s what happens when you are related to the Honey Badger :)

  5. I’ll see what I can do about a second amp setup and get back to you. I purchased those Alesis powered speakers a while back and should be able to hook them directly out of the Digidesign 11 rack for a second rig….and have enough guitars to supply a small army so we’re covered

    Ill get it hooked up and set up a jam night.

    It’s joker…he’s always goes down smooth…. 😉

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