November 7, 2011

EQ2 – Age of Discovery

Were getting pretty close to shipping the new EQ2 Box Expansion so here is the Cover Art for the product soon to hit shelves at the end of this month.

Time has been blasting by but we’re looking forward to getting this out the door and on to the next one.

In HF news some snags have been hit with those last dates I sent out so I’m looking into different ones…so “Everybody out of the Pool”. :-(

I had a few people that have stuff going on that weekend and Jesse, the DP we used on PREY is currently shooting a feature that’s running through Dec. and part of Jan. He wants to shoot with us, but his current schedule is pretty full so I’m looking at his shooting schedule seeing where we figure something out.

I’ll get back to everyone on dates as soon I get that squared away. 

In other news, we have the 1st anniversary of “SbiG” coming up next week. Good grief, has it really been a year that we’ve been doing these?!

In honor of it’s anniversary on the 17th, we’ll be screening the 2011 version of “Piranha”. lol..

We kicked off SbiG officially a year ago with “Barracuda” so Piranha seems pretty fitting. We saw a few clips of the new one a couple days ago and it’s completely SbiG worthy. Should be a fun time.

Mark your calendars. :-)

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  1. SbiG’s birthday? Man time flies…

    So this is the original not the remake I assume. I have also heard Piranha 2: The Spawning is pretty good/bad and believe it or not it is directed by James Cameron.

    Look forward to it. Maybe next year you can play “From the Deeps”! :)

  2. Hope to see everyone!

  3. Next anniversary Jaws I presume? I like it

  4. No, actually its the recently made Piranha. It’s really over the top ridiculous. Watched a clip and it needs to be SbiG’d. :-)

    Jaws isnt really SbiG. I nearly pooped my pants when I was kid seeing that for the first time. Maybe Jaws 3D or one of the bad sequels, but the original Jaws is still bad ass.

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