November 2, 2011

EVERQUEST II: Free Port Revamp Interview

SOE has put up an Interview / First look with Tim Haydelaar about details on the upcoming revamp of the City Freeport I’ve been working on. Link to the full article below.

Tonight I got some more work done on Lauren’s reel. Added a cool active vibe of a soundtrack to it giving it some edge she was looking for on it. Still have a lot of work to do on it, but it’s starting to take shape now.  


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  1. Look at my honey’s amazing work! I’m proud of you Michael Bacon!

    But tell Tim that he forgot to mention that Papa Gunn says that Grey and Yellow are power colors. That is one of the reasons that the color scheme is vastly different!

  2. My actor’s reel is three seconds long. It shows me giving a thumbs up and saying “nailed it” and then it fades to black.

  3. CB don’t worry. More is coming when that bazooka burns your beard off.

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