November 1, 2011

New Digital Corridor Vid –

Kind of a fitting video in regards to HF. :-)

I haven’t posted anything on here since last week so I guess I’m slack’n. Actually I’m working on Lauren’s demo reel which has been giving me some grief working with multiple frame rates on a single project. The footage isn’t playing nice. lol.. I’m hoping to get it finished for her in the next couple days.

Work has been pretty busy. A lot of bug fixing, building the city facades shells for the other surrounding zones and finishing up last minute details for the product launch which seems to never end. Of course everyone is getting a little frantic with deadlines looming.

Nothing really new on the HF project. I need to touch bases on the location and lock down a date and the rest is just getting the shooting materials together.

Last but not least, Shannie and I are gearing up for a home purchase in the next couple months so funds are going to be severly tight in the short term. We’ve been looking at a lot of cool homes in our price range, and it’s time to move now. Moving back into the Condo temporarily was fine and served it’s purpose, but we’ve been here too long. It’s been really difficult working on production stuff with the severe lack of space and having half of our stuff in storage for the last two years pretty much sucked…so it’s time to get on with it. 

We were going to have something built, but the economy has finally lowered housing prices down to a level where we think we’ll be able to find what we really want and will fit our needs.

I’m personally looking forward to getting my Studios back, Shannie needs her workspace and Bibble is going to need a bedroom. 

We’ll probably be moving to an outskirt area, so I’m not sure how that’s going to effect SbiG but we’ll definitely have a more accommodating venue for it. lol..  


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  1. Awesomw you will soon have your casa de bacon congrats

  2. Thanks Tim! Well the shindigs will get a little cooler…there isnt enough leg room for how much entertaining we do here. :-)

  3. Aw…I just got my real estate license…as well!

  4. Thats cool Justin, congrats! :-)

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