October 27, 2011

HF – Budget and Logistics

 A couple pics of the ridiculous.. :-)

Well I’m starting to get back into production gear now. The Party is over, and getting back to the process of wrapping my head around the HF project.

I think I have worked out a budget but it’s going to be tight this time around. I think we have most of the cast ready to go, all the weapons props and gear, half the wardrobe…so we’re good to go with a lot of it.

I’m going to ask if people have some of the wardrobe elements in their closet to try to cut down on purchasing outfits for everyone this time around. Ill be putting together a loose clothing concept page of some different styles and we’ll see what everyone has. That would help us out a lot.

I think I’m going to put up a KickStarter page as well. I figure it might cut some of the costs of feeding everyone on set, and help out with some of the on-set logistics. Good news is the budget is well under $800,000.00 lol…so I think it might be a little more attainable. :-)

I’m going to start putting together digital storyboards here soon, and get the rest of the pre-production elements out of the way. I might have run into a snag with the location, so I’ll be touching down on that as well. Deb has a Farmer’s Market business she runs every weekend now which might make things really problematic but we’ll see how that all shakes out.


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  1. I can’t believe how tall that bazooka is!

  2. That thing is nutty. I’m going to have to hit the weights for this role.

  3. If Michael lets you drag it around for a while I’m sure you will be in shape before you know it.

  4. Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. It’s not super heavy but it’s not light either…it has some weight to it and the size makes it kind of awkward. It really is supposed to be shot on the ground with the ground legs…but that’s what makes it just that much more over the top.

    I can’t wait to see CB try to man-handle it. :-)

  5. That’s what she said.

  6. I heard a rumor that you are dressing up as a DFW today. Is that true?

  7. I’m always dressed as a DFW. i just put away the hosery when you’re around. :-)

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