October 24, 2011

Another Halloween Party Down – An Unexpected E-Mail

Well it was the wrap of another MonsterBash, and it was a blast. We had the place all decked out and everyone had a great time. Winner of this year’s Pussy award was our beloved Cornbread who “Nailed it!” with his “Randy Savage Wrestler” Costume.

Mark brought the goods “literally” with his Kielbasa in tow, and Shannie’s Clown costume was pretty rock’n. A lot of fun ones this year. I think I had to have the most heinous costume this year edging out Mark just barely with my “Corn-igula” garb complete with Corn-Hole Scepter. lol..

After people cleared out we chilled out a little watching “The Crow” on BluRay that I picked up a few nights ago. It looks really nice in HD…a great film for the Halloween season.

Thank you so much everyone for coming out, it was awesome hanging out with you all! :-)


Some kind of fun and interesting news this morning…. Joker sent me an E-mail with a message in tow he received from Steve Carell who he friend-ed on Facebook and sent him the link to PREY.

His response:

 “Sweet!  For a short piece this has solid acting, directing and visuals.  I enjoyed it very much and thanks for sending it!  This is much better quality than a lot of what I see.  Keep up the good work!


This made my day! I love Steve Carell..,what a cool guy. :-) I have most of his movies in the DVD rack so that was quite an honor. For him to take time out of his day to not only watch it, but also spending the time to respond to Mark about it…Wow!

I think I need to make Joker our official PR guy….lol… still kind of fanning myself over that one. :-)  

The lovely Lauren stopped by and dropped off her Actor Reel materials today so Ill be starting to put that together probably tomorrow evening when I get home from work. I still have to do some cleaning around the studio from the aftermath of the party this weekend. It’s a disaster zone at the moment. I cant even think in here, let alone work..eeek.

I visited with her for a bit and as she was on her way out the door I watched the UPS truck roll up!!!…and you know what that means…lol. Yes, I received the Bazooka today. Good grief! Signed for it, pulled it out of the box and it’s completely ridiculous. I’m not even sure if Cornbread is going to be able to hold this thing let alone look like he’s shooting it. lol..

It looks amazing…and completely used. It’s been fired a lot. It smells like an old rusty oily automobile….completely bad ass. The coolest film prop I have ever purchased…it’s going to look so absolutely awesome on film…I cant wait!

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  1. One of the best Holloween Party’s ever! The septre was magnificent :)

    I will accept the “PR” role and it just occurred to me that “PR” is the first two letters of “PREY”. Coincidence? I think not!

    Thanks Shannie and Michael for a great evening. You both ROCK!!!

  2. We enjoyed the Halloween party very much, excellent as always, you guys really transformed the place.

    You are are the man Joker that is phenomenal to get that kind of feedback, outstanding!

  3. That’s so rad!! Yay steve! Is this thing up on YouTube or anything yet? Ed Harris, David duchovny, William fichtner (from Armageddon) and jonathon schaech (that thing you do) were all sitting at one table lastnight at my work) ya never know. They’re prolly all filming locally cuz I know duchovny is staying downtown and will was in last wk as well.

  4. Ivana, they are making a film called “Phantom” takes place on a submarine…

  5. Tim, that could be an all time highlight :)

    Ivana, Very cool to have those guys at your establishment!

  6. lol, awesome! Micon Films is properly PR’d now. :-)

    Hi Ivana! Thats cool.. Actually the film is up on the Micon Films site.

    If you want to show someone the film, you can post the link above. This way it keeps the quality high, and drives traffic to the Micon Site. It has a neat theater-esque framework too. Kind of cool. There is also a smaller version in the video section. Once we get a few more films, Ill put up Grindhouse, but in the meantime this will suffice. :-)

    Thanks everyone for comments on the Party, it was a blast!

  7. Wow! That looks great!!

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