October 21, 2011

Greatest Transformation Scene in a Film….. Ever!!

Thank you everyone for coming out last night! It was a SbiG full house. :-)

Of course Jekyll @ Hyde is SbiG gold though it’s a little too good to be SbiG really…more a ridiculous cult classic. The Hyde transformation scene kills me everytime. So 80’s

The pumpkins look awesome! Paul took everyone to talk on em though…the man has some madd pumpkin carving skills. Joker brought over a Honey Badger vs. Cobra t-shirt for Shannie that was awesome…Thanks Mark!

It was a really fun evening…and looking forward to seeing ya all tomorrow and then some for 2011 MonsterBash.




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  1. Do you have pictures of your pumkins after they were carved????
    Should put them on face book. I would love to see them

    Have a great time tonight and looking forward to seeing the pics later.

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