October 16, 2011

EVERQUEST II – The War of Zek

I forgot to put this up when it was released. This was our promo spot for the EQ2 G61 War of Zek update recently released. We have our big game expansion box coming out next month on the 22nd, and this was the update leading up to it.

This weekend Shannie and I are working on the place getting it all decked up for the party next week. ugghh…a lot of boxes. It’s already looking pretty cool though. We’re hoping to get most of the decor out of the way by tomorrow evening so it will be a relatively easy week leading up to the shindig on Sat.

Looking forward to seeing all you ghosts and ghouls again. :-)

As we were putting things up we had the Zack Snyder remake of “Dawn of the Dead” on in the background. That’s a pretty fun flick to get ya in the Halloween spirit.



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  1. lol… I didnt realize he had that many films out.

    I think the dude was getting a little too nitpicky about some of it, but overall, yeah…same vibe, same film basically but what do you expect? It’s a Seagal film. lol..

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