October 15, 2011

HOSTILE FORECLOSURE – Casting rounds and Script Rev.2

Last night I did another script pass on the HF doc. I must not have proof read the 1st version at all last It had all kinds of fragmented stuff all over it, typos, miss-spellings though that isn’t so unusual. :-)

I streamlined some of dialog in places and worked on the flow a little more. I’ll be doing a final pass after the party next week, but I think it’s pretty solid now. When Julian auditioned last week he brought up a loose end I fixed in the current draft.

As for the casting, I decided to move Rhoads over to the Dante role. He has that over the top quarky persona and kind of looks Mob Boss-ish half the time anyway. I’m going for kind of a Christopher Walken meets Christoph Waltz kind of vibe so as long as he stays quick and to the point with the line delivery, I think he’ll be delivering the goods here.

Jarrod is still Cornbread obviously. Mr. Tim Clifton still reprising his role as Marcus.I forgot how much Tim gets put through in this film…lol. Nose broken, knocked down, shot in the shoulder, then when he finally makes it back up on his feet get’s shot in the head by his own boss. Poor guy! :-)

Adding some new guys to the mix, I’m going to try Justin Little out in the Lorenzo slot. We need to roughen his look up but I think he might work here. I contacted Curtis Smith and think I’m going to try him in the Reynolds slot. He has a very put together disposition from what I have seen from him and think he would work well as Dante’s backbone.

I have Mark Benjamin a.k.a. Joker in the Drey slot..though I think I’ll switch names with Reynolds here. He’s the dude that storms Carl’s position and takes two in the head and one in the sternum ( and I don’t mean “sternum kisses” ) after thinking Carl’s unarmed behind the CAT. He yells back at the rest of the guys during his charge so I call this the “I’m open….I’m open” gag from the first Ace Ventura film and should be a pretty funny highlight moment as he gets capped.

We have 2 other “Red Shirt Star Trek Dude’s” parts to fill then we should be all cast up. Carlos from Prey / Satin Club said he would be interested in playing one of them, so I guess we just have one part to fill most likely if everyone works out in the new line-up. Should be fun…



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  1. Sounds awesome Michael looking forward to it! Lots of ice cold action!

  2. “re-united and it feels so good”

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