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  1. Man that is very cool…adding that little camera movement really makes it great to watch…I can’t quite figure out the chaotic skies (is that from camera movement or , atmospheric disturbance?) but pretty amazing none the less. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Pretty cool Michael!

    Hey Tim…Do you think JIMMY got his school loans paid off OK at IGRAD?

  3. hahhahahahahah Joker you went to that audition? When I was reading that all I could think about was that JIMMY guy from Seinfeld who talks about himself in the third person. JIMMY doesn’t like that!

  4. That is funny. I was thinking about the same Jimmy :)

  5. The music takes it to an even higher level.

  6. It’s just the clouds dissipating and burning off naturally. you just never see them do it because it happens so slowly.

    Definitely makes me want to get a motion control setup.

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