October 5, 2011

SbiG night – The Incredible Two Headed Transplant

I didn’t have time to do a regular SbiG invite, but we’re doing “The Incredible Two Headed Transplant” tomorrow for people interested.

We screened a little of it last night and it’s pretty SbiG-Tacular. Should be a fun watch.

As you probably noticed, the changes to the site have been popping up. I’m still working on the Video module. For some reason I’m not finding the right size so the module wont re-scale the vid file, so that’s why they are pixel swimming.

I put a Secured Vimeo version of Prey up in the “Featured” area. I still need to play around with Vimeo export options. It’s still doing a hatchet job on it, but doesn’t look nearly as bad as the one that was on YouTube. Of course switching to HD it looks great, but runs slow unless your using a smoke’n machine. A Vimeo Plus account lets you run videos without giving Embed or Download options so I think as long as it remains only on the Micon Site, the Festivals should be fine with it.

If anyone wants to show friends an online version of the film, you can send them here.

The Blog has a new theme…I’m sure there will be some tweaks still to come.

I need to put in a production image gallery, then Ill be playing around with some of the older elements. All in all I think it will work for what I need at the moment. If anyone sees any table gap issues, let me know.


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  1. Awesome we’ll be there. Was this like a sub genre in the 70’s? Two headed transplant films? You can tell this one is going to be hilarious…

  2. Actually its funny, this one has a similar vibe but a much different kind of shtick than the other one. I thought initially we didn’t really need to see it since it was probably too much like the other one, but actually this one is pretty fucked up, but in a different way.

    The two heads are basically a deranged sociopath rapist, and the other one is Simple It’s really messed up.

    It’s going to be a good

  3. I’ll be there.


    The other sociopath.

  4. “fucked up, but in a different way” that’s all I need to hear! Sounds like it will be epic.

  5. Is there a motorcross race in this movie? Every movie is better with motorcross racing.

  6. Right, a motorcross race that lasts at least 10 minutes!

  7. And Rosie Greers Head!!!

  8. Motocross and MMA…lol.

    I didnt see either, but I didnt get too far into it. :-) It does have some other gems in it…

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