September 29, 2011

FREDDIE W – On Set of Cowboys and Aliens

This is pretty cool. FreddieW is another guy/group that does projects with the Digital Corridor guys, and Jon Favreau liked them so much that he invited them on the set of Cowboys and Aliens to shoot a piece for their YouTube Channel.

In other news, I actually got some sleep last Went to bed at 9:30 pm and managed to only get up once to answer a few E-mails around 5am, then went back to bed till I had to get up for work. I actually feel pretty good. lol..

I kind of had to. I’m portaling the EQ2 FreePort city revamp, and it’s a bunch of tech work breaking everything up and getting it all economized for the game engine. It’s not rocket science, but it is pretty daunting figuring out what needs to be seen from one portal to the next and breaking up geometry in weird ways for the system to accommodate it.

Not fun, but it needs to get done…and definitely not fun on no sleep, so I’m at least on top of it. yeeeayyyy…lol.

Looking forward to some SbiG action tonight. Black Moon Rising is going to be pretty ridiculous.

Nothing new to report on PREY. Submitted it to a couple more Festivals and putting together the framework for the site. I’m hoping to have a rough working version of it in a couple weeks. I would really like to have it done by the end of Oct. so I can move on to the next film.

The Halloween party is a little over 3 weeks away so we need to get that all squared away as well. Invites are going out this weekend…so hope ya all are working on your costumes for this year. It’s going to be fun!



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  1. Nicely done, cool that Favreau reached out to some young talent like that. This stuff amazes me.

  2. Oh and my head is still hurting from laughing last night… :)

  3. Luv the Farv. RUDY RUDY

  4. Yeah, the dude is pretty cool. The behind the scenes stuff is pretty cool to watch also. Favreau hooked them up with a pro stunt crew and kraft services…and of course the location and props.

    Yeah, I think we struck a new low with “Princess of Mars” last What a gawd awful piece of shit. hah! ughh…

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