September 28, 2011

PREY – Posting Up Online

I have to post this up to let people know, Please “DO NOT” put the PREY film up on Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc,,,

I know people want to get it out there, but there is a time and place for that. Currently I am submitting it to festivals and working hard on building the site which will house and display the film as it should be displayed in good quality, not crappy youtube compression which diminishes the impact of the project to the public and doesn’t put our best foot forward.

Film festivals wont screen films that have been publicly displayed as well so it is important “NOT” to put it up in online places until it has made its festival run…but more importantly “DO NOT” put it up until we / I / Micon Films have posted it up in a format that actually benifits the film and the people that were involved in it.

Which basically means “DO NOT” post it online anywhere at all. The “OFFICIAL” Online version of PREY will go up on-line from us soon and when it does, you may embed or post links from that resource online to your heart’s content.

When I hand out Disks at the screening party, it is in good faith that people will not undermine the objective of what we are trying to do here and wait for us to make our public media push. When it happens, it’s going to be very fucking cool…but dont jump the gun here.

I put a lot of Time, Money and Work into the film, and seeing it up in a public domain all fucked up by shitty compression and lagging all over the place due to slow data rates wasn’t what I had in mind for getting it out to the public.

Please do me that favor.

Thank you


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