September 27, 2011

SbiG Night Presents! – BLACK MOON RISING – Thursday Returns..

Get Ready for a Night of Awesomeness!

SbiG returns to it’s regular day and time! Wednesday just doesn’t feel right, so Shannie was cool with us returning to the Thursday time slot.

So this Thursday, hold onto your Chilly Dillys!….and get ready for…


When: Thursday Evening, Sept. 29th

Time: 7:30pm

Where: The Bacon Estate 

The synopsis: No Idea,  just sit your ass down and get ready for some ICE COLD….ACTION!

SbiG Night
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  1. Cool…nice poster art too! hhahahahaah

  2. I acquired the DVD from Netflix after your recommendation homeboy. Now I just need to remember to bring it on Thursday.

  3. I think you will find many things to comment on CB!

  4. Well you just live down the road CB, so the only thing we really risk here is staying up past Bobby’s bedtime. :-)

    Yeah, that poster rocks…lol.

  5. It looks like a Dust Buster with flames behind it.

  6. ohh shit, thanks for hunting this one down Tim, and to CB for being the NetFlix

    That was a solid SbiG flick. :-) And a solid lead up to the ultimate horrifical “Princess of Mars”. lol…

    Fun night!

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