September 27, 2011

OrganizedCornbread.Com – The Begining of CB’s Reign

Our Friend, The honorable Cornbread has just launched his blog officially.  is online and ready to take on the world so it looks like the Reign of Cornbread starts now. lol…

You can head over there for the 3 part interview of Rhoads “Sexy Hardball” Osbourne, also known around the globe for his heart felt portrayal as Corky Woodcock in SLATE, and most recently his rivetting Oscar winning performance as “Larry, the Ice Cream Truck Driver” in PREY. :-)

Check it out when ya get a chance!


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  1. Great job CB. Cornbread Domination has officially begun.

  2. There will soon be Cornbread in every house in America!

  3. I want summa that Cornbread :)

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