September 26, 2011

PREY – Screening Party = Holy Shit…lol.

Wow, I don’t think we could have fit anyone else into the place….what a night!

Thank you everyone for coming out. It was an amazing time! Prey screened great and Mama Sheila made a magnificent spread that was soooo awesome! So much food, we still have a ton of it left. lol…

It was great seeing everyone, such wonderful talented people, and I cant thank you enough for being a part of the film. It turned out absolutely fantastisch, and I’m ecstatic about the performances all the way around. It was a fun evening and a humbling reminder as to why we do this stuff.

I am indebted to you all for helping me make this cool monstrosity called Prey, I could not have selected a better group of people for it and eagerly look forward to seeing where it goes next time.

Now that the Screening Party is over, I’ll be submitting Prey to festivals and gearing up to promoting it as the launch film for our up coming GrindHouse Cinema website, then moving forward, gearing up on our next film project.

Again, many thanks to everyone for a magical evening and luv luv luv to you all.

– MB


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  1. Michael…my same feelings. Great party, great people and great show.

    Ivana…I joined IMDB Pro and that is how I uploaded my pictures, resume and am able to look for auditions and such. I am signed up for a year. If you do sign up for the Pro account the directions are pretty simple to follow. I’m gonna keep the memebership for a year and see if anything comes of it. Michael is probably right though, you can probably upload all your stuff and cancel within the 14 day window. I’m not sure how that one would work though once you cancel out.

  2. Special note for Mama Sheila and Shannie…thanks for the great food spread and hospitality. You are awesome!

  3. Michael absolutely a blast watching the film and seeing people’s reaction to it. Phenomenal work. This really had the film feel not just in the production but also in the “beats” in the film, it’s that indefinable thing you can’t quite put your finger on that makes a film really work. That you really are in this little world or something.

    Hey Joker let me know how IMDB Pro works for you.

  4. The turnout was great and I’m glad everybody had a good time. The greasy lip-licking got the biggest pop. Thanks again MB.

  5. Mark, they remove the pics if you cancel after the 14 day free trial. I tried that a few months back. I will eventually get on there but didn’t feel at the time that it would be a benefit, just yet.

  6. I haven’t had a chance to search but do any of you guys/gals/actors have your own web pages? I’m not talking a Facebook page either.

    IMDB does have its advantages but if somebody searched for your name it would be cool for your site to come up so they can see all of your goodies,actor reels,head shots, etc. That way you could control some elements of how you are protrayed to people looking for you instead of being at the mercy of others site.

    I’m not trying to downplay IMDB at all as I go to it often but it seems to limit potential to a certain extent. That being said maybe it is awesome if you are a “pro” member and all my concerns are squashed.

  7. Thanks Tim,

    I really appreciate that. I spent a lot of time and energy into this particular one so it’s much appreciated. Thank you so much for your contribution to it. Breaking everying down that first night would have been completely brutal without your help that night…You really did us a solid there…you rock!

    On a side note though, you almost can’t go wrong with hookers, vampires, serial killers and pimps. Lol…

    I think if we just could have slipped a midget in there somewhere…lol

    I’m not sure how festivals are going to treat it with all the crazy competition these days, but I feel like this is the first one I’ve done that’s worthy of the attempt this time around, so we’ll put it up the flag pole and see who salutes it.

    At minimum, I’m pretty happy with the final film and looking forward to seeing where I can go with it on the next project.

    As for the rest here…. Lol.. Mark’s tongue made everyone squeal last night. It was definitely awesome! I should have composited the little toungee graphics like in Kung Pow for the outtakes reel. Lol….yayayayayayaeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  8. “Cornbreaad” :) I built my own webpage myself. I have full and complete access and can update and add whatever I like to it. I don’t think it’s half bad for building it myself.

  9. hahahah…ohh my god, that Abduction film looks bbbaaaddd!! lol.

    Yeah, maybe we should do a SbiG outing for this one. Anyone up for getting thrown out of a theater? :-)

  10. IMDB isn’t really limited potential, it just has a specific purpose. It isn’t really supposed to be a “resume” site, it’s more an updated film title library / database where people can look up films and find cross-referenced information about actors attached to those titles and other things those actors or production people may have done.

    The power or the up side to the service, is the way the information is controlled. Unlike a website or user controlled scenario where someone can say or claim anything they want, IMDB does have some kind of layer of legitimacy where they have to verify a title you were involved in.

    You can still fake things or say you worked on something, but the hassle of the submission process does limit the amount of fabrication making you use their framework. It’s also part of a huge database of Hollywood films that’s tracked so people tend to take it a little more “seriously” than a regular website.

    It’s not really a substitution, it’s just another tool to help draw attention and interest to who you are and what you do.

    Generating interest and attracting attention is all about flags. The more flags you fly, the more people have the possibility of running into you, online or whatever. So it is good to have an IMDB page, a website, facebook, blog, they all channel users and communicate information in different ways.

    IMDB – Gives people a sense of legitimacy and puts you in a database of specifically film related stuff. It is also the industry standard right now for producers, film makers, actors, etc. to look up other people for potential projects –

    WEBSITE – Lets you display your voice / image the way you want it to be displayed on your own terms –

    FACEBOOK – Lets you interact and network with friends, actors, production people, or anyone you want to seek out and lets you interact with them passively but more directly than E-mail –

    BLOG – Lets you channel and update information easily as well as being able to create a linear log as to what you have done that’s easy to go back through making it a great communication tool to keep people aware of what you have going on.

    Of course all of these make you look like the biggest narcissist on the planet, but they do make up a strong presence on the web, so if your objective is to reach people and let them know you exist, than that’s what you do.

    Though only a few people actually comment on the blog here, over 50 different people visit it frequently in the background…and then I get the occasional spike when I put up craigslist ads or put up something that points people in the blog’s direction.

    As for the importance of a flag, or whether one flag is better than another, all I know is this:

    I walked into an Autodesk dealer in 1996 to inquire about a stylus tablet and a rep handed me a PC mouse to check out a 2D animation program called “Animator Pro” as he took a walk back to the storage area to hunt for a Stylus box.

    I grabbed the mouse and drew this really quick and simple cartoon face on the screen as he was walking back into the room, and he said. “wow…you have a lot of control with a mouse…I bet you’re a pretty good artist.”

    That was all he ever saw of my work.

    I was a truck driver at the time driving those 10 car carriers. I got a call at home about 8 months later out of the blue from the guy letting me know he had a client that owned a video company in my area and he was looking for a concept artist. Gave me his number and said if I was interested to give him a call.

    That one little interaction in this guy’s office was all it took, and it completely changed the trajectory of my career. 12 years, 7 companies, 7 states, and over 20 game projects later, here I am working at Sony doing art and animation for a living. I took the reigns as soon as I got my foot in the door and never let go of them, but all it took was that single “flag” of somebody remembering my ass eight months after the fact to get it started.

    Never underestimate the potential of a flag. It may just change your life,….and of course the more flags you have flying, the more chance someone is bound to run into one. :-)

  11. Lylah, your site is exactly what I was referencing in regards to doing a site. A site that is all about you and can be tailored to feature all that you do in the business.

    BDH, thanks for the breakdown. I figured IMDB had more depth.

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