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  1. great party and even greater film, bacon. and funny, the more i watch it, the more i love it. everyone did a fantastic job! bravo!
    checked out the imdb. now its (and i’m) official:)
    how do i put my headshot next to my name? do i hafta sign up to imdb pro? and if i wanted to add some stills from other films? wuts the deal?

  2. Awwwee…thank you Ivana. You were absolutely amazing in it, and cant thank you enough.

    I think you just have to register an IMDB regular account, and pair it with your profile but they may make you have to do “pro” now.

    I cant remember if they charge for photos if you have a pro account. I did the Pro 14 day “trial”, then cancelled it after I got everything set up and photos uploaded.

    I can upload photos now, and I no longer have the “pro” account.

    Its been a while though, so maybe one of these other cats on here might have more info about it.

    I know Tim and Mark have photos up on thier profiles. They might know a little more about it.

    Thanks for coming out! It was great seeing ya!

  3. Ivana…I joined IMDB Pro and that is how I uploaded my pictures, resume and am able to look for auditions and such. I am signed up for a year. If you do sign up for the Pro account the directions are pretty simple to follow. I’m gonna keep the memebership for a year and see if anything comes of it. Michael is probably right though, you can probably upload all your stuff and cancel within the 14 day window. I’m not sure how that one would work though once you cancel out.

    Great seeing you yesterday.

  4. ok. i’ll give it a shot next cpl days. thanks guys. much luv. if i have any more questions on it, it’ll prolly be on this comment page. it WAS great seeing everybody. fun lil gang. and talented;)

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