September 24, 2011

Screening Party – Prey Disk Packs

Well the Screening Party for Prey is tomorrow evening and finally got the Disk Packs finished. That was kind of a small  undertaking…eeek..

Next time, I’m definately having these manufactured…lol.

I did have the cover label inserts manufactured over here at SDAV and they look great. They were cleanly cut to perfect size so all I had to do was slip them into the cases. All the Disks are printed and ready to go now…ohh happy days.

Joker is ready for his close-up.  :-)



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  1. Excellent! We can only see the bottom of it but just in back of the disks is the OSCAR for “Best Direction of an Original Screenplay”. Nice job Michael!

  2. lol…thanks Joker, I appreciate the thought, but laying it on pretty thick there.

    I think I’ll stick with the blurb review about snorting coke off of a dead hookers ass on the back of the box. :-)

  3. I think that should be in your next film. The crime boss gets out of the car, he goes to the back, dead hooker is laying face down, puts the coke on the ass and smokes crack cocaine, ga ga ga ga get it?! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

  4. Lol, I didnt notice what you were talking about when you referenced the object behind the covers looking like some kind of award. lol..thats exactly what it looks like…funny.

    Sorry about that

    It’s actually my first Razzie… :-)

  5. As one of my best friends says “Its all good in the hood my brotha” :)

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