August 31, 2011

The Bibble –

Click on Small Image for Detail –

Shannie had her first Dr. Appointment yesterday which was pretty crazy. We got to see the first images of “The Bibble”, which is what we call it at the moment since we don’t know if its a boy/girl/retard,

I did find it pretty alarming when I took a really good look at the Hi-Res image which you can check out by clicking on the tiny image at the bottom. :-) Hey!!

I’m not sure what’s more surreal, the idea that my coming little bacon unit looks eerily similar to the bread machine or that I have a picture of the inside of my Wife’s Squack on my blog, but either way, you saw it here first folks. hah..

Yeah, I know….Poor kid. He’s going to have endure 18 years of abuse….starting now… :-)

Welcome to Oz Bibble.  


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  1. I just checked with my Rabbi. He looked at the close up and said he thinks the baby is Jewish :)

  2. That is hilarious dude. He has my stash from Obituary Notice!

  3. My Kid is already “Upper Management” The power of the Stash brotha…

  4. They will be running a FedEx Office or Staples from the get go. They might forget to turn in their TPS reports though.

  5. This kid is going to be so twisted! Bibble gets it’s first photo-shop before it even has all it’s organs developed!

  6. hahah..aweee…Bibble’s first Photoshop. :-)

    Put it in the baby book.

  7. Corbin is really close to Cornbread.

  8. But we watched 5th element the other day and it’s actually spelled Korben. Sorry CB!

  9. Easily fixed. CB change your name to Kornbread :)

  10. So call him Cornben. Problem solved. You don’t have to say yes right now.

  11. That is haunting….lol. Love you guys!!

  12. I was gone all day and me and Wanda just looked at this, hilarious…Prenatal Photoshoping. Wanda wants to know if her head can be photoshoped onto Hallie Berry’s body.

  13. lol, Sure, I can photoshop anyone’s head to anybody’s body…or any thing for that matter.

    Kind of scary really. lol

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