August 30, 2011




Ok, here is the Disk Art for the PREY box. Simple, clean but effective.

Lylah is BluRay and Corno is Standard in the set…sorry CB….we all know you’re High Def in person… :-)

So now that the box and disk art is completed, it’s on to the Disk Interfaces. I plan to have them pretty much completed by this weekend. Looking forward to “Done”! :-)

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  1. Very cool. You should include a minature hand slapper in the CB edition that says “Go make me some money”.

  2. I agree. Thanks for putting me on the DVD. Cornbread can be upsampled so he can be high definition. Plus I think all of my family have DVD players so this should work well.

  3. Lol, Yeah I’ll have to see what I can dig up for the hand slapper. :-)

    Actually both disks will be in each set. I purchased dual disk BluRay cases…so everyone will have both BR and SD versions in the same package.

  4. What about the “too hot for TV” CB version?

  5. We would have to release it as Quadruple X, “Too Hot for Everyone”. I dont think I have enough Insurance to deal with it.. :-)

  6. I don’t know if that CB XXXX version would fly because you would not be able to state that “No Animals Were Abused In This Film”.

  7. CB doesnt abuse animals…he abuses PETA people. :-)

  8. I’ll try to find the receipt for my ass-less chaps. Now that the CB version is dead in the water I have no use for them.

  9. Dude keep the chaps. Your a minister. If you decide to.move up to a priest you will need them.

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