August 30, 2011



 PREY – Cover Art

This will be pretty much the cover for PREY. The images are a little wonky coming off the Cintiq Monitor which has a much larger dynamic range, so these aren’t quite as red and blown out as they appear in these images, but this is basically the concept. The Blu-Ray mock up is a little off as well. You can see where the guide lines are in the sleeve image.

Simple but effective. The project has a bit of a schlock kind of vibe to it, so I think its pretty fitting really.

So the cover art is finished…now I have to do the Disk Art, and start putting together the DVD interface. Since this thing is less than 10 minutes long, it will probably be pretty straightforward as well.

 I’ll have more info on the screening party as soon as I have a handle on the disks. I don’t want to give a date and for some reason I have some kind of hiccup that leaves us without Disks to give out. I think it will happen in the next couple weeks…so stay tuned.

*** Alterations ****

Well I played around with it after I got home tonight, but I cant really find a better placement so I ended up scaling the names down at the bottom…so we have the three primaries in there now.

Getting all the info on these BluRay sleeves is a little tricky. I’m sure the next iteration when they start making thumb nail sized disks will be even more fun. lol…

So anyway, these will probably be final, but I’ll probably be noodling with them up till I start burning the disks.

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  1. The cover looks awesome dude.

  2. Awesome indeed. I also love the quotes on the back cover.

  3. Great box art Michael!

  4. Thanks guys… :-)

    There is one revision that still needs to happen. It was of course uber late when I got this far and I didnt have time to figure out how to get the 3 credit titles on the front cover. Lylah is supposed to be on there as well.

    So technically it will be finished after I get that done tonight but I wanted to put something up last

    That vampire face shot of hers is going to be the print art for the actual disk. Should be pretty cool.

    I purchased BluRay disk cases today, so these will be printed next week sometime.

  5. Awesome Michael. Also, since I am an editor at my real job I read everything. On the back cover the word get should read gets :)

  6. lol…i just changed it right before I saw it. I am sure there is probably more, so if you see em, point em out!


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