August 29, 2011


It looks like as of the strike of Midnight tonight, I put the last bit of edits on Prey and calling it completed! Yeaayyy…

This doesn’t mean I wont be watching it from now till the time I start burning disks looking for little things to fix, but as a whole I think its pretty much complete now. I reached the end of the Audio session tonight feeling pretty good about where it’s at and not seeing anything that needs to be changed.  

I put more detail into opening CG shot over the weekend, and ended up putting Rhoads Osbourne in as the Ice Cream Truck driver. He was over yesterday for the Cornbread Interview so I asked if he wanted to drive the Ice Cream truck in the film. I had him sit on one of the swiveling dinning room chairs we have and filmed him driving.

So now we have Larry, Jerry’s Ice Cream Truck driving brother in the film. lol…

I ended up making an animated shader with the footage and rendered it over Polygons inside the Bus model….and re-rendered  the truck out. I also did an Ambient Occlusion Pass on the truck which added a little more soft shadow details…and it looks great.

I did some last minute tweaking on the audio, specifically the dialog but I’ll be doing tests on some different TVs to make sure everything is balanced. I recorded some soundFX for Lylah playing with the money and that all sounds great now.

So now its on to the rest of the job, the box art / packaging…and putting the actual Disk together. Happy Days… :-)

Ohh and in other news, the illustrious CornBread Proposed to Lindsey tonight making it official….Sword Fighting is a little incestuous now since me and the Bread Machine are family….lol…Congrats Brotha!

Welcome to the Fam…

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  1. CONGRATULATION CB and Lindsey!!! That is awesome news. Will Neil Diamond be playing at the wedding?

    Michael…great news on the film as well. You rocked it…

  2. Hooray for new cousins! Welcome to the crazy-ass DiMartino clan, Cornbread!

  3. Congrats to Cornbread and Lindsey, wonderful news. I guess Cornbread can’t preside over this wedding,does that mean you will be Michael? :)

    Great news on the film look forward to seeing it…

  4. Thanks everybody. I can now relax a little after asking her dad for his permission and proposing to Lindsey at the Getty (all in the span of four days).

  5. CB, when were you guys at the Getty? We were just there on yesterday…

  6. Tim we were there from 2:30 to 5:30. We were mostly in the southern building with the Cuban photography exhibit and the European paintings.

  7. CB, just missed you guys, we were there from 12-3 but I did sense your presence! :)

  8. Crazy. How many times have you been to the Getty? What is your favorite art style/period there? The Getty is my all time favorite museum. I have been there six times (I think) and never left in less than three hours.

  9. I’ve been to the Getty at least 3 times I think. the one thing I wanted to show Wanda were the illuminated manuscripts but that section was closed. Those are truly amazing. I really like Rembrandt style, Monet, Manet, and Gaughin, that one room with Van Gogh’s Irises. Monch’s Starry Night. For the price of parking it is absolutely amazing. Never grow tired of that place.

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