August 27, 2011

PREY – Final Color Render / Mike Burnell Ad

Shannie and I were heading to Food4Less when we looked off to the side of road and saw Mike Burnell’s happy mug on a bus advertisement. That’s awesome Mike! Of course it’s ironic that the man they used for an ad about depression is a happy guy who was able to retire young and now just does what he wants to do with his free time. lol…

Ohh well, he’s work’n it here. :-)

Tonight I am rendering out what I think will be the final city render color pass. I did a bunch of small tweaks here and there and I think it’s pretty much ready to go. I’ll still be doing some compositing on it, but the main City render color pass will be done by morning.

Then the big one….Ambient Occlusion HD pass. The shot already looks fine without it. I could live just the color pass…but I want the AO on it so we’ll see how long that takes. I’ll be adding some little odds and ends this weekend just to push it a little further and I need to get the Ice Cream driver in the truck and rendered, but that’s a different file laid over the city comp in AE. 

I got the sound FX for the truck and the silly Ice Cream Truck music in It’s cool.

I have some audio I need to get in for when Lylah is counting the money at the bar. I have the Sound FX for Joker tossing the wad onto the bar, but I noticed today It would be cool if I had subtle sounds for Lylah’s part.

I made some additions to the Micon Films opening log piece. Some subtle graphic enhancements there as well as some sound additions to punch it up. I got the club exterior music really thumpn on the outside and have some EQ shifts to accent the cut from Exterior to Interior.

So moving right along for having a first gold candidate by Sunday Evening. Crossing Fingers.

This morning I’m going to be shooting a little video for CB. He’s doing an interview with Rhoads at my place tomorrow out near the pool for his new blog. Should be fun. I’m just going to set up both cams on tripods, and let them go at it…lol.


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