August 25, 2011

Video Co-Pilot’s new video – insane

Good grief…This is Video Copilot’s Ad for their new Cell Phone App coming out.

Just a small little production out of Lake The ad is pretty clever, looks awesome and a little campy obviously which is Andrew Kramer and crew’s humor, but its a pretty amazingly slick production with VFX armed to the teeth. There is so much in here, its just crazy.

Great Stuff…wow… :-)



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  1. Dude all that for an app?! …. It worked though…, I just bought it. Lol!!

  2. I love the voice over it’s so over the top…very nicely done.

  3. Sticking to the basics… chicks and big explosions. And the new Don LaFontaine doing the “In a Woooooooooooorld……” voiceover…..

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