August 25, 2011

PREY – Father Jerry’s Ice…

Ok, since we have everything else in PREY, Pimps, Hookers, Serial Killers, Vampires, Greasy Bar Folk,…I had to get a Pedophile reference in there so I put in Father Jerry’s Ice Cream….”The little boys really love em”.

Sorry CB, had to do it. I had that reverend photo of you from our wedding and it just worked…lol…but you really cant make out the words on the truck in the film. The motion blur pretty much masks it out. :-)

 I got it all animated tonight and in the opening shot. It looks great. I probably should add a dirt pass on the truck, but it’s fine just with the motion blur I think. I need to composite in a driver though and the perspective of the shot changes so that’s going to be a little bit of trick there. I think I’m going to try to use a swivel chair and just record the move with a slight rotation and see if that works.

Not sure if I’m going to composite it as a static asset in AE or apply the video to polygons and physically have the digital card in the truck with an alpha channel but we’ll see.

The windows do have some reflection/refraction, so it would probably be best to do the card trick. 

I also motioned tracked the club lighting for the HD city file and pinned the rising steam to the ground as well. I did it all by hand last…but it worked really well here.  

I built some water towers for the roof tops, and tomorrow I’m going to add some more roof details in a couple pockets and I think Ill be done with the tops…then I want to add some more details on the ground level, so Ill be doing that over the weekend.

Having fun with it anyway… :-)

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