August 24, 2011

First HD Render Complete

Well after much wrestling today, I finally for the HD render of the city shot done. It actually would have rendered over night, but the Batch render process was hindered by the machine going into sleep mode…grrr…so I turned all that crap off and let run while I went to work today.

It takes about 8 hrs to render the whole thing out…but that’s not ambient occlusion…that’s just the texture / lighting pass. The good news is I put into the comp, and it looks pretty nice. Of course I haven’t burnt a copy and tried it on the large screen out in the living room. Just displaying it on the trusty Sony monitor which I took a picture with my Cell Phone here…lol.

The Title text isn’t actually yellow, that’s the camera in the dark doing silly things. Its blood red.

Mark got to see the whole thing tonight and he gave it the Joker’s thumbs up. It was fun seeing his reaction to it. All and all it’s looking pretty cool.

Mark did the ADR fixes and landed it right on the nose this time with the last couple lines. Much more Manley so thanks for doing that! It’s a pretty solid performance all the way around now.

I’m looking into DVD replication places now, trying to find something local that would do a good job. I decided I’m going to use two disk cases and just have the BR and the SD version in each unit. If people upgrade to HD they’ll have it and seemed like a less confusing way to handle it. A little more money sure, but I don’t like to skimp out when giving people end product that they donated their time on. It’s really the least I can do.

Yesterday I was conversing with MoS on Facebook talking about stuff and in the middle of something we were talking about I mentioned a group of web critics as being ass clown than used the term AssClown USA and thought it was a funny title. I went to look it up on GoDaddy and found out it wasn’t taken! So I purchased yesterday..lolol!

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. It has all kinds of options…documentary, comedy, reality, or just a fun name for a Rant Blog. Whatever I do with it, it will be ridiculous…so I thought the 10.00 for the name was worth holding onto the Domain. :-)

It was fun seeing Mark today…we missed the guy seeing that we haven’t been doing SbiG lately so next Wednesday we will be bringing it back. Actually I have something a little interesting for the next one. A little off the beaten path. Should be a blast…more details to come soon..

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