August 23, 2011

PREY- Render, Render….Render….

Hmmm, I wonder the topic of this post will be??


I am currently watching my second machine churn away on the first full HD res pass for the street scene. I did a test render of a single image and when it’s blown up you can see everything that’s wrong with it. lol…so I have a lot of work to do this week on it.

Before I actually start fixing and making additions though I need to see exactly what will be seen once all the color correction and other overlaid elements are in there so I’m rendering out the first full HD test. Ill be able to make a check list of all the stuff that needs to get squared away so I have a hit list for the rest of the week…well if these 570 frames render out tonight that is.

Joker is going to come over tomorrow night and touch up a couple lines. I think the rest of it works, but the last couple bits lost some of it’s creepiness with the ADR pass. We will be putting that back tomorrow

Other than that, just tweaking things now. I was noodling with levels a little, and trying some different sound cues for the intro. The new club track is a bit different in tone and feel than the Bt track was, so all the levels had to be adjusted to compensate. The new track actually makes it pretty easy to keep the dialog clear since its not quite as big sounding…so I’m not having a lot of fighting over the same frequencies.

It was a little bit odd to get used to since I had the Bt track in there for so long but I like it now. It creates a much better contrast between the club scene and the kill room stuff…and sounds a little more like a traditional dance club.

So that’s the latest. Not insanely exciting, but if all goes well I hope to be sitting on the first possible PREY gold master candidate by the end of Sunday. Crossing fingers… :-)

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