August 7, 2011


Today I started ADR passes with Mark for Prey which went well. I replaced his dialog parts in the club scene and they all dropped in with out a hitch, zero noise and quality dynamic sound. No blatant timing issues…Yeayyyy…

So now starts the process of bringing everyone in for ADR. I think after this film, its pretty obvious we need to be running lavaliers as well as the boom setup. Yeay, more money to spend..eeek. But Ill worry about that a little later.

It’s near impossible to get studio quality sound in the field with a boom mic alone. You just don’t get enough punch and you end up with too much ambient room noise. I don’t want to start bringing in large acoustic panels to absorb slap-back sound either, so mixing lavs and boom is really the only way to go….or else ADR absolutely everything…which I might start doing from now on anyway. 

You just have way more control over your production…but of course its more work.

At any rate, I’m starting to move towards getting the film together now. Once I have ADR done which I hope to have all the dialog in this coming week hopefully, then I can start building the ambient tracks, sound track and hopefully start to put a ribbon around this bitch in a few weeks.

I’m almost finished with the interior warehouse opening shot which I will be running the opening title and credits on…so I’m hoping to be done with the opening sequence here soon as well. It ties in with the city shot, and will look pretty cool.

So still a lot to do, but I’m starting to see an end in sight now. Happy days…lol.

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