August 3, 2011

Crack – Eric Fox / SyFy Voting – Prey Update –

Hey guys,

Voting went up for Eric competing at Comicon for the last slot on SyFy channel’s FACE OFF and if you could, vote for the guy. For people who frequent the blog but are not dont know, Eric was the FX artist that worked on Prey and currently finishing up on the Tinman props for us. A very talented and all around cool guy.

I looked up the rules and apparently you can vote daily, so if you could for the cost, that would be awesome. We’d love to see him on there. He’s clearly the best of the three competing for that final slot. 

Thank ya! 

In other “not so fun” news, I was driving back to work on I-15 today when I saw this large close to baseball sized rock, perfectly round bouncing 10 ft bounds over 3 lanes when it reached the front of the FJ. Kind of sucks to see its complete trajectory from afar and then seeing it coming right at ya. I actually leaned way off to the side not knowing if it would have breached the windshield to hit me but it did stop without making it all the way through barely…and now I have this.

It made a huge crunch sound when it hit and was a little surreal.  

I looked over to see it came from some asshole dirt hauler all the way over in the outside lane without a cover on their junk. It should be a law out here seeing how often it happens out here.

I have never had my Windshield cracked in any other placed I have lived until I moved out here. I have the BMW hit and cracked 4 times, and now this. Kind of ridiculous.

And lastly,…made a little more progress on the city scene tonight.

I redid the camera animation so now its 330 frames making it about 11 seconds which greatly increases the file size and render times now. Kind of funny since all these renders are lo resolution test videos. Rendering the passes out in HD is going to

I switched out the Micon Sign on the roof to a neon design with one of the letters shorting out and sparking which turned out cool. The camera holds for about 3 seconds over the city before doing its dive, and I animated lighting in the bottom windows of the club so it looks like a rave party going on in there. I took the rendered lo res footage and finally got it into the current scene and it seems to work with the opening bar shot.

It would have been better obviously to have the solid interior wides I wanted, but this seems to work without the price tag and extra time and effort to get them. For a 7 minute short, this should do fine.

I think now that I have the initial low res footage, I can move on to Audio stuff and wrap this shot up at the end.


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  1. Jesus man, glad you’re OK.

  2. There is quite no feeling like seeing something coming at your head while you are driving on the freeway. I am just glad to hear you are OK. I never drive behind cement trucks as they have nailed me more than once. I actually called a company after their truck threw a rock up and broke my windshield. They said “PROVE IT” which made me want to reach out and touch a Magnum.

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