July 30, 2011

Just When You Thought It Was Safe….Wolf Pack + 1

 Isnt he Cute? lol..

But actually no, the heading of the post isn’t about Baby UFO here but something much more frightening.

I woke up yesterday morning looking over at my wife grinning ear to ear starring at me, then uttering the words like a giddy school girl…, “I’m Knocked Up”. 

So yes, it looks like the Bacon Unit has added another member to it’s wolf pack as scary a thought that it is. lol..

Shannie has been feeling sick all week, and she kind of suspected but all the early tests have come up positive…so it looks like a done deal.

Of course someone like myself instantly thinks of the possibilities seeing that I will all of a sudden have this blank slate of a person to mold and shape before unleashing them to the rest of the world. Do I use this new found power for Good or Evil?

I am not entirely sure. :-)

I do know for sure the kid will be anything but normal…lol. But who would expect anything less?



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  1. Woo hoo. That is great! Shannies sewing machine will be going warp speed. CONGRATS.

  2. Thanks Mark,

    I can’t wait for many Cliché riddled words of wisdom from the Baby industrial complex crowd.

    I am sure by time the kid is even born, most of the people we know will have “Child Services” on their speed dial. lol..

  3. That’s wonderful news Mike, and yes if you think marriage advice was bad wait until you hear the child development advice! Congratulations! 😉

  4. Juanda says congratulations! :)

  5. Congrats dude and dudette. George is a great name.

  6. Thanks Guys, :-)

    Yeah, I’m already putting together a list of off-putting responses for the odd random occasion.

    As far as names go, Sorry CB, as great a name that is, we have that all sorted out all ready…

    Corban if its a Boy
    LeeLoo if its a Girl
    Bibble if its a Retard


  7. Actually, if the kid is a boy, Corban Bacon is CB for short. The circle is COMPLEEEETE……

  8. lol…Awesomeness.

  9. Congratulations!!!!! I’m soooo happy for you! :) This is so exciting!

  10. I’m sure there will be days when you will want to rename your kid Zorg! :)

  11. lol, with chocolate syrup running down thier heads.

    Thier middle names will be “Multi-Pass”. :-)

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