July 29, 2011

Billboards –

Had a little fun making billboards for the city shot. CB has launched his new blog so I thought I would give him a little Ad space. :-)

Disclaimer: All images, text and captions are “purely” fictitious and do not have any factual basis on the individual in question. Michael Bacon, Micon Films or any of their associates or “entities” are not saying that said individual “has” have” or “had” any kind of a “Dark Secret” nor do they say that said individual “will”, “would”, should” or “could” be “Man enough to share it with you”, to “Share it with you”, or state that “he” is “man enough to share it with you”. Though Michael Bacon, Micon Films, or any other associate, affiliate, or entity do not necessarily state that this individual does not have said “Dark Secret”, we do not know of such a secret on creation of this Ad which was made in jest or Humor, and not meant to provide any statement of fact, to imply it being fact, factual, or true of said “Dark Secret”. If said individual actually has a dark secret, Michael Bacon, Micon Films or affiliates are not aware or possess knowledge of said secret and do not acknowledge any such Secret, Dark,  Dark Tan, Dark Brown, Black, Dark Midnight Blue, Dark Purple or any other color in the spectrum of dark tones, and placement of this Ad or the statement within are purely coincidental. Anyone reading this posting should not assume or take as factual any statement implied or otherwise relating to the one we call Cornbread, CB, Organized Cornbread, Honey Bung Mustard Man, Jesus on Vacation, Prison Break Jesus, The Bearded one, Can you just stroke your beard and look sexy while I sit here with a carrot stick tickling my own ass hole.
Color Scheme and Design of Ad has nothing to do with said Individual, and we do not imply that he likes or dislikes Yellow, Red, Black, or a Dark Background. The blue sweatshirt in the ad as well as the glasses and t-shirt were actually worn by said individual. No Doctoring of the photo other than removing the background has taken place. Micon Films / Michael Bacon or affiliates accepts no responsibility for the taste level of this Ad or any fall out or damages due to the nature of its content.
Thank you. – MB
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  1. This is pretty funny dude. Actually I haven’t launched yet as my header still looks like a 12 year old designed it in Microsoft Paint in 1998. Once I get the header legit then I will spit my self-indulgent musings.

    The photos where I still had hair now look really weird to me.

  2. lol, thanks… :-)

    I went to your blog and saw the banner. I can just take a stab at it over the weekend sometime if you want. You just want a polished up version of this concept right?

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