July 27, 2011



Ok, I guess i have been off the radar this past week. I wish I had something monumental to report but the answer is naddaaa..

I’ve had this hip / nerve issue the last couple weeks and I spent this last weekend in down time. I’ve been making some progress on the Club CG scene and I’m getting closer to finishing it but it’s been a little slow going. I took most of the weekend off from everything and we ended up not even making it to Comic-con this year unfortunately. :-(

We went down Friday and picked up Shannies Pass, and then that nerve issue kicked in and there was no way I was going to be able to walk around all day, so we ended up just going home, and I was off my feet for most of the weekend. I did get some sleep though.. lol.

We did see Capt America on Thursday and it was really good. Shannie and I really liked it. Nothing particularly new or ground breaking but it was a good film. I thought the Tech level of the Red Skull was a little ridiculous and unnecessary but all and all it was a really good film. The actors were really top notch, the visuals were great…and it had soul, so if you haven’t seen it, check it out.

I’m starting to get my second wind on getting Prey done. I think I just needed a small breather from working on it. Thursday, Joker is coming over for an ADR session to record the dialog. After working with the Audio a little, I think I want to go with a really clean sound design this time around so I’m having all the principle actors over for doing ADR passes on everything.

The AC hum in the club was just a little too much to get rid of. I did manage to isolate about 70% of it out doing some notch EQing tricks, but you loose some of the body of the audio doing it, and since the film isn’t that long, it just makes sense to build it from the ground up.

It should be a pretty tight sound design on it which I think with go a long way.

I talked to Eric from Morb-X and I should start seeing the Tinman props here next week hopefully. He’s been doing a lot of stuff for SYFY but he thinks they should have things coming together on it next week.

I think that’s it at this point.

Now its time for bed…zzzzzzzz…





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