July 18, 2011

Captain America – No Sbig this Week –

Shannie is excited to see Captain America so I nabbed tickets for the opening Thursday / midnight Digital 3D showing,  We’re going to head down to Comic-Con Friday as well so CA will be a great opening into the madness coming up this weekend. lol..

…so looks like no SbiG this week.

Actually we probably wont do any more SbiGs for a little while.

There’s just too much to do on Prey at this point, and SbiG is kind of a wedge in the middle of the week…so we’ll probably start them back up at some point, but I don’t know when that will be exactly.

I’ll keep ya all posted.





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  1. Have fun. If you see Dexter tell him I’m a relative! :)

  2. I saw the advertisemnet for Captain American and thought that this would be a movie you would want to see. However, after your critque of the Green Lantern, I didn’t know if you would venture to see the movie.

    What a super duper guy to get your honey opening tickets. Midnight? Yikes to bad I am a 10:00 pumpkin but the two of you have a great time and I look forward to your critque on this movie.

    Love you much

  3. Trailers for CA look really good look forward to your recommendation…

  4. don’t be shy to swing into my work n say hi on friday on 5th n market (searsucker)if you’re still dwntwn by 6. that’s rad you’re gonna go to comicon, was hoping you were. i met a guy online lookin for actors for future projects n his short is premiering at comicon, gonna try n score n xtra txt from him to see it. looks amazing! you’d prolly like it too, got some cool dark CG vib. chk out the trailer on youtube. badass. “android” metrocityfilms by william wall.
    i also met a guy yesterday at work that’s here for comicon that works for Pixar. pretty rad. told me about a film he’s excited about coming out next summer called “Brave” he’s involved with. i chk’d out the trailer. looks pretty good, still has the elementary kiddie characters, but love the CG detail Pixar has always come through with.

  5. Hey yeah, we’ll drop by to see ya Ivana if we’re in the area. That sounds like fun.

    Actually I have seen the Android thing. Mike Burnell you were sitting across the room with who was going to play the Mob Boss in “Hostile Foreclosure” is the Nazi commander in it.

    I didnt see this recent trailer though, just the small snippets Mark brought by. Looks interesting.

    Yeah a lot of the Pixar guys will be down for it this weekend. Should be a lot of fun. :-)

    I “might” be able to scrounge up a ticket for you possibly…but I am not sure about it. I’ll let you know in the next day or two if its a possibility.

  6. aw thanks but don’t put yourself out, bacon. i know those txts r hard to come by as it is. it’ll be uber fun just being in the heart of the festivities.

    that’s kickbutt about mike. i thought his name looked familiar. good for him! and side note: we all think Hostile should be made.

  7. We’ll definitely try to meet up with you while we’re downtown on Friday. It’ll be fun to see Ivana in her natural habitat. :)

  8. Michael did you see this trailer from The Dark Night Rises ? I find it interesting that your PREY VFX of the Cluc scene is very similar to the building FX in the trailer. Very cool…

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