July 17, 2011

Meow, Meow…

Meow, a little on the demented side…lol…I love it. :-)

Well this weekend wasn’t quite as productive as I thought it would be. I spent the majority of the time ramping up on Maya’s layered shader system which is pretty complex.

I have primarily used Maya for game graphics, and using it for film purposes is a little different in the way you go about working with textured surfaces and such. I big part of the process is using layered materials which is something we do in games but we have are own external toolset that bypasses Maya all together.  

I’ve primarily used 3DsMax for this kind of thing in the past and their architecture is soooo very different in the way the software works. Maya is more powerful and more flexible letting you do a lot more with it due to its open tool set, but you have to link channels and keep track of shader / UV routing yourself which can be pretty daunting when using a bunch of layered materials on the same object.  

I figured out most of what I need for it, but it took me a good chunk of the day yesterday so I didn’t get a whole lot done on the cityscape itself unfortunately. I did get the initial lighting pass finished and the texturing process started for the main club building and its starting to come together now.

It’s a pretty cool system but man, what a pain…lol.

I found the easiest way to deal with layered shaders is breaking the geometry into as many separate pieces as possible and fusing them together later. You still have to make all the initial connections and routing, but Maya will handle it automatically when fusing the rest of the geometry together.

So anyway, cranking away on getting this thing textured now.

On a different note, the repaired ProTools HD card is back from Avid Friday evening….so I can get the audio system put back together now and get to work on the soundtrack stuff. 

ohh…and this will give Cornbread a little morning woody. lol…I’m FB friends with Darby Hinton now. :-)  ..AKA…Cody Abilene from Malibu Express. Or for people that don’t remember, the guy driving the Red DeLorean with the Cow Skin gun case.  

…such pure awesomeness.  :-)

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  1. Man that was messed up…all these cute kitties committing suicide!!! geez…

    Def looking forward to SBiG this week and seeing everybody…

  2. CB keep your hands where we can see em :)

  3. I’ll ask the obvious question… when are we filming Malibu Express 2?

  4. Anybody remember Don “The Dragon” Wilson? He could be sbigable.

  5. As soon as we can find a red Delorean…duh! :-)

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