July 14, 2011

Shaders – City / Club Shot

Just starting the Shader / Texture Process for the buildings in the VFX Club Shot.

I need to back off on the specularity on this shader, but this will be one of the many Shaders that will be used in the VFX shot. The normal map brings out the bump details, and of course there is the color map, specular map, and a zillion other channels and settings that make up the surface material.

Instead of mix mapping the dirt into a separate UV channel, I decided to do it on a separate composite pass.

Didn’t get too far with it Tonight as I injured my back yet again yesturday. ughh…I have a doctors appointment in the morning.

That said, there will be no SbiG tonight. Shannie is actually going out of town with a friend as well, so we’ll do it next week hopefully. It’s actually been some time now since the last one.  

On the SbiG front I actually have some sad news to report. 

I have mentioned having this “Special” SbiG presentation I was putting together that would have been awesome. Paul did this really cool documentary titled “Johnny and Lyman, a life together” that’s been doing really well on the festival circuit…and it’s about this cute old gay couple who have worked in Hollywood for a long time. Shannie and I saw it at the SD film festival and it was really good. I recommend checking it out if you’re interested.

Paul mentioned this one film, the only title Lyman was embarrassed to have worked on called “I drink your Blood” from the mid 70s. Well I looked it up and it’s a total classic SbiG movie and Paul had told Lyman about our little get togethers so I was going to set up this special SbiG night screening of IDYB and thought it would be awesome to have Lyman there who had actually edited the film as we watched it.

He was pretty excited about coming and it would have been a colossal evening of greatness. I was really looking forward to meeting him and having him tell us some awesome stories about working in Hollywood, and specifically some of the things going on with the IDYB film.

Well sadly Lyman Passed away on Tuesday this week so we won’t have a chance to ever meet him, but I figure we will however be doing a special SbiG screening of the film next week and have a few beers to honor the man.

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  1. That is so sad…my condolences…

  2. Here’s Paul’s Amazon link for the DVD:
    I never got a chance to meet Johnny & Lyman, but the story of their relationship is really touching.
    Lyman will be missed!

  3. Sorry to hear about Lyman. RIP. Looking forward to celebrating his life next week.

    Also I hope your back gets better. Let me know if you need a doctor visit :)

  4. Yeah, a sad day indeed. I was really looking forward to meeting him.

    Thanks Dr. Joker. :-)…they prescribed me some fun stuff this time around…lol, but thanks for the offer. Appreciated.

  5. OMG!! just days before?! That’s awful! And so shocking!! Rest in peace, friend of film

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