July 12, 2011

Cool VFX Reel –

 I came across this guy’s VFX reel the other night. Some seriously cool stuff in it.

Last night I started working on the lighting pass for the Club Shot. I have most of the main building lit with light sources, and started working on some of the back buildings. I also did a test rendering out the Ambient Occlusion pass and compositing over the 500 x 281 vid and it punched all the surface details out giving it a world of depth with all the contact shadows.  I started to render out the AO pass on the full res 1080p that was going to take forever. About 10 minutes a frame. Times that by 180 frames and that’s about 30 hours of rendering. lol…

Need to do the high res pass when the scene is finalized, but the small res test showed me where its headed anyway.

Once I get the shaders on everything it should start looking pretty slick.




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  1. Sounds awesome. I saw the fans turning in the video. Very slick.

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