June 30, 2011

PRISM – Short – Corridor Digital

Another pretty slick piece by Corridor Digital.

The Visual effects are pretty rad of course…the Pulse Riffle and Teleporter effects are great. I sooo want to do a piece like this. lol..

Apparently they ran into the same problem we do….having to get permits for this one mentioning it being expensive, so kind of neat to see we’re all in the same boat. lol.. When they were talking about it, they basically said the same thing I did. “Once you add crew and lighting…you’re screwed..” lol.

I think it might be time to do somthing Sci-Fi, so I’ll see what comes to mind after I get PREY wrapped up. Fun Stuff..

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  1. Man nice piece. I really like their props too very original.

  2. Yeah the effects were awesome…like alot of movies we watch 15,000 rounds of ammo shot and 1 found a target :)

  3. The white sci-fi guns she’s using is a Painted Nerf Firefly toy. lol..looks really cool though.

    Yeah, considering how much they spent on it, it looks really slick.

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