June 30, 2011

PREY – CityScape VFX Shot

Well, My Mumz and Gary left today. We had a nice visit with them and thanks everyone that made it out on Sunday for a little BBQ Grill & a Movie action. It was a great time. :-)

We wont be doing SbiG tonight, we’re still getting the place back in order, and getting back to business around here…but we should be back on with them next week. We have a good one coming up really soon you wont want to miss.

I’m currently working on an opening VFX shot for PREY that I think should let me drop the July 10th shooting date, but we’ll see after this weekend. I’m going to do a quick animation scrub and see how it transitions with the opening bartender shot. If it works and I don’t feel like I’m really missing much, I may drop the shoot and keep the opening pretty simple.

In essence the shot is this cityscape with the club building that drops down to ground level. There will be windows which will be lit up like the club lights and that should let me back to back it with the opening “behind the girls shot”. It’s a little short and not nearly as elaborate, but since the film is only 6 to 7 minutes long…it’s probably good to keep it short and focused.

The opening shot should look pretty amazing when its finished and have a really dynamic look to it, so I think that’s probably enough to get the opening to work.

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  1. Julian’s just playing sexy hardball Randy.

  2. Had a great time Michael. Glad the visit by your parents was great as well.

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