June 22, 2011

PREY – Scene 2 Rough Edit

ugh…need…sleep. :-)

Well that’s probably not in the cards this week. lol.. Last night I got the 1st pass edit of all the footage we took last weekend. It looks really good.

The opening shot in the bottom stairway ties in with the club scene well, so  that was good. No additional shot needed. The glide shot and cuts are really cool, and has a cool visual flare to them. I’m pretty happy with it.

The opening door sequence into the kill area is cool, and mark hitting Lauren with the wrench turned out great. The shoulder follow shot looks awesome. It should be pretty slick once I get sound FX in place.

The clapper scene turned out great. Its a fun gag, and it works particularly creepy here. The interaction with Lylah backing up from Mark doing his “thing” turned out great. It all looks really solid.

The only thing that came out kind of Dicey is the reveal shot and the throat pull out shot. The shots look fine but I had to do a few timing edits to get them to work. Lauren, once she “digs” in looks awesome, but the initial grab was a little odd since its not a direct grab. I did a little hyper edit, and sped up the footage just in those few grab frames and it’s working now. A little motion blur on the hand element and a little VFX blood spurting love and I think the shot will come out great.  

The throat pull out in general looks awesome.

I think the only other thing that’s a little weak and completely my fault was not getting enough expression out of Mark’s face when Lauren stands back up. The sequence is slow, and coming out of his rant with Lylay, its a little understated, but when its 4am after 12 hours on set, it’s amazing we got what we did. Then again he is supposed to be a serial killer, so I wouldn’t expect him to be too emotional. We’ll see what it looks like on final edit. It was something I kind of slid past without paying too much attention to it while it was being shot.

All and all it looks pretty solid. Lauren’s scream at the end is freakn frightening! It sends shivers up my spine every time I watch it. It’s really crazy. 

So now, its just mesaging the timing to get it just right, and on to VFX, Sound, and other Post Production fun….Good Stuff! :-)

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