June 14, 2011

PREY – Shooting Day 2 coming up – No SbiG this Week

Prey – Shooting Day 2 is coming up this Saturday so tonight I’m meeting with Jesse out at the location to take another look and assess exactly what we will be doing.

I drew some really quick Storyboards for the scene I need to scan in and get formatted, put together the Shot list and Call Sheet tonight. I also need to touch bases with Eric from Morb-X and make sure he has everything he needs.

This time we have crew showing up at 5pm and actors at 7pm to give us some setup time before the sun goes down.

Sunday Shannie and I assembled the crane so we can have that there, but ran into some issues with how it was going to mount on the K-Pod. Apparently it needs the actual head part to control the tilt of the crane instead of just the swivel mount, so I had to order new top knobs for the Hercules head and take off the top slide plate. I have the new Manfrotto tripod head, so Ill just be using that for the camera mount. It will probably work better anyway, since the herc head is soooo heavy.

This will lighten the load a little and make the rig a little more stable. I should have the knobs on Friday according to UPS.

Outside of that, just getting ready here. I want to make sure this shoot rocks it so we have something cool for the second scene. I kind of figure if we nail this, the rest is pretty much cake.

This will definitely be some late night fun, so get some rest if you are going to be out there this Saturday.

In relative news: No SbiG this week. With the film coming up, we need the time for prep…but we do have a ” Very Special” SbiG night coming up on the Horizon. It’s kind of surprise so I’m not giving out details, but it’s going to be an Epic One…maybe even the best so far, so more to come soon on that front.

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