May 29, 2011

Joker Shots – The Hangover II

Mark came over for some quick head shots yesterday.

We liked the white T under blazer look so we went with that and shot him just outside the condo near the pool area. I used the new transmitter/remote side flash to get the subtle “Segal” lighting in the bottom image. Once you’ve been Segal’d your pretty much ready for Hollywood….lol :-)

We hooked up a little later with Tim, Wanda, Kelly and Justin for a fun dinner at Black Angus (The Gaunlet of Angry Food), and to the 9pm showing of “The Hangover II”.

I’ve looked at all the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and it has been funny to see all the entitlement to this film. Everything from “its just a re-hash from the first film”, and “it’s not as good so it sucks”…yada yada yada. The film is great. It’s really funny and if you liked the first one, you’ll like the second one. It is the same plot mechanic as the first one because that’s what the whole premise of the film is about…to wake up after getting plowed the night before, not having any idea of what happened the night previous and having some catastrophic event happen that makes everyone have to retrace their steps to figure out the mystery of what they don’t remember…and in this case again, they lost a friend and have no idea where they are.

It’s a great premise and I am not exactly sure why people don’t get that, but whatever. That’s the purpose of these films, and like the previous one this follows the same formula.  

It does have a darker undertone than the previous film being that its in a more dangerous city so the tone is a little different here, but as a film in its own right, its great. It’s funny, and ridiculous. Of course it doesn’t have the same “fresh” feeling of the first film, because the premise isnt “new” this time around, but thats what happens when you create a concept everybody likes and then you have to go out to create the second outing.

It’s not as “innocent” as the first film was which contributes to the lack of “light hearted-ness” in the second one but I think that’s what makes this outing a little different. The first film Alan roofied every body’s drink leading to their ordeal….so in the second film, they aren’t as trusting of Alan. The scene where Stu tells Doug and Phil that he has a napkin over his orange juice because he’s paranoid that someone may drug his drink kind of sets the stage here so the dynamic is a little different. Alan in the first film was more of a funny little harmless oddity where now that they have dealt with him in the first film, they view him more as that crazy moron that caused them all this grief last time…understandably. 

If you don’tgo to it as if you are looking for them to re-invent “fire” here, then you should have an awesome time. These characters are fun friends worth re-visiting again….and remember, A Monkey Nibbling on a Weenis is funny in any Language. :-)

I’ll give it 4 Cornbreads out of 5.

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