May 27, 2011

PREY – Table Read

Last night we had the table read which went well. This is the first time working with Lauren who is a really great actress. I cast her based on some shorts I have seen her in, but working with her in person was a lot of fun. She can change tone and demeanor on a dime convincingly, even on the subtle nuance level which was pretty impressive…a real natural.  

It was of course great to see Lylah again, and Joker is always it was a good time. There is still a little work to be done but all and all, things are coming together.

We did the fittings for their wardrobe last night which was successful. Everything fit everybody and looked great with the exception of Lauren’s top which the neck line needs to be pulled up about a half inch, but other then that it all came together with very little alterations.

The girl’s outfits look amazing. Joker’s outfit is spot on as well, so we are all set there.

I purchased another Tekkeon battery for the external monitor setup yesterday and it’s on the way. That’s really the only thing that ran out on set over at Tim’s a few weeks back. Those things are so awesome. I think it lasted nearly 8 hours before it finally went out. Two of them should be plenty. :-)

I think we are about ready to shoot this thing! lol..

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