May 24, 2011

Prey – Shooting Details

O.K…looks like we have most of the shooting plans coming together now.

I am just waiting to hear back from the two principle locations on clearing the dates with them but I think its going to be Sunday, June 5th for the Club shoot, and Saturday June 11th for the Warehouse location.

I found an interesting location for the warehouse that isn’t a warehouse at all, but a gutted out 2nd floor of a building that is just down the street from the club location. I talked with Paul over there and he’s a really cool guy building a video studio of his own, so this actually worked out pretty well.

I rearranged the story a little so the serial killer follows the two hookers into the club instead of soliciting them outside, and the 2nd building location actually doubles for the Club’s abandoned 2nd floor which the killer lures the girls to in this case.

The club doesnt have a second floor  so in the establishing shot I’ll have to extend the building front which I planned to do anyway. From the 2nd location, I’ll match the lighting with those DJ lights I have for Halloween to fuse the two locations together and it should work pretty well.

The 2nd location is all torn up which is great for this, and there is a really large room in the back that has some drums, sound proofing materials stacked around and some scaffolding so it really ties into the club location nicely. It also has a large ripped up stair case to tie the up and down floors together. I didn’t have to re-write much of it to get it to work so I think we’re good to go.

Ok, so now I’m putting out the calls. If anyone wants to help out or be an extra in this thing, let me know. I need bodies to get this club thing to work.


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