May 22, 2011

Tasty SbiGs “coming up”

I purchased some new SbiG movies over the weekend for future movie nights coming up. :-) Looks like some SbiG gold in there.

We haven’t tried Sci-Fi or Women’s Prison Flicks yet…so I thought we would give them a whirl. We have some fun ones coming up so hold on to your Chilly-Dillies!

SbiG Night
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  1. This should be one of the next on the list:

  2. Oh man, I believe Jackson County Jail has a very young Tommy Lee Jones in it. Actually a decent B movie.

  3. Tim…not to mention my all time heart throb Yvette Mimieux <B

  4. Down Joker! lol…

    I’m not sure if we can let “Decent” movies into SbiG night..though I am sure it will have some kind of redeeming quality to it. :-)

    As for Joe’s fixation towards Cornbread on the blog here, I guess he was thinking of something different when he mentioned “Man Code” last time. lol…
    my bad..:-)

  5. Easy there admin. Don’t anger me. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angered.

  6. You might show me your “Man Code” too? lol..

    Keep in the pants unless you’re buying me dinner first sweetie. :-) A girl has to have standards…

  7. This is another would be SbiG Classic in waiting…I promise!

  8. But I…..Don’t wear any pants…

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