May 21, 2011

PREY – Location Hunting

Shannie and I drove around Montgomery Airfield last night looking at some of the structures over there and found one particular one that stood out. Most of the Hangar’s there are square and modern, but there are these older ones at the far end of the field that look pretty cool. We pulled into the back lot and got the contact information and when I called this morning they told me I would have to talk to the guy who runs it on Monday, but they told me it wasn’t the first time they have rented it to film crews. Then he told me its in “The Expendables” film which I looked up on the DVD and sure enough it was. lol…so that was kind of cool.

Good news is they have rented it out in the past…but of course that also means they probably offered a lot for the use of it probably, but before I call the other place, I want to give this one a try first since it fits the dirty older aesthetic I am looking for.

This morning I purchased an Opteka Director’s Viewfinder…a cool little tool for blocking out shots to minimize moving the camera around on location. It lets you look through it with a lot of different lenses and aspect ratios. It even accounts for the crop on different video camera sensors.

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  1. Very cool…I hope it works out! It looks like I could work a wrench around in there pretty good :)

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