May 17, 2011

SbiG Night Presents – Motel Hell


When: Thursday Evening, May. 19th

Time: 7:30pm

Where: The Bacon Estate 

The synopsis: Old Crazy Men, A Motel, Meat Packing, Bizarre ritual involving burying people up to their necks and a really odd disco light hypnotism machine = A “So Bad it’s Good” good time!

Getting back to some classic SbiG 80s horror on this one, finishing up the double feature DVD Joker contributed. I previewed a little of it tonight and it’s good solid SbiG material.

It’ll be a good time. :-)

SbiG Night
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  1. Lookin forward to snacking during this one!

  2. It’s got some titties in there for Joker as well.. :-)

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