May 11, 2011

PREY – BirthDay SbiG

I have confirmation on the actors involved in PREY. Lylah got back to me tonight giving the thumbs up with the content in the script so her and Lauren are in. Mark gave me the thumbs up we’re all good to go on that front. Now it’s time to start rock’n and roll’n.

I have the project page up on the secure server and starting to fill everything in. I’m working on the first concept for the girl’s wardrobe and then we need to start getting the pieces together.

The big hurdle of course is the two locations but I have already begun looking into some. I want to be ready to shoot around the middle of June. 

Birthday SbiG…

We’ll it’s my birthday on Sunday and Shannie asked what I wanted to do for it. Mamma Sheila offered her house to throw a birthday bash on Sunday but I thought it would be easier to have a small little shindig during SbiG this week so come by for Pizza, German Chocolate Cake and IceCream…and of course a fist full of “HOBO with a SHOTGUN!” which is going to be bad ass.

It will be fun…but there is only “ONE” Rule….”No Gifts” please!!! I always feel weird getting them so if you feel compelled to bring something, just bring cookies..or Chilli-Dillies…a “thumb’s up” for CornBread…or some other SbiG snack and we’ll have a good time. It’s fun enough just hang’n out with ya all. Thanks!

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  1. I’m sorry Joker I have to deduct points for the soul patch.

  2. Yeah but you know your gonna have to borrow it if you gonna be a PIMP.

  3. It’s the only image I have of Joker. :-)

    Actually I kind of like it for the Serial Killer he’s playing. There isnt any way you can grow that back in 4 weeks can ya Mark? lol..

    Ohh, and you wouldnt happen to have have a pair of cowboy boots at home would you?

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