April 28, 2011

Anyone else embarassed to be an American today?

Maybe a bit extreme, but I am pretty sure I just witnessed the Commander and Chief of the United States of America having to come up with his Slavery papers yesterday. Feels like the old South is Alive and Well these days doesn’t it?

Regardless whether you like him or not, agree with his policies or not…This Birth Cirtificate thing is a complete embarrassment to everyone and is nothing but Racist bullshit masquerading as patriotism and that’s the bottom line.

I “Had” my original birth certificate when I was a kid…with the seal on it and everything. I was born on a military base and in the process of moving we somehow obtained it. It was torn and weathered, I have no idea how we ended up with it but the actual original copy is gone now lost sometime when I was a Teen. Records still exist though and when I wanted a Passport they sent me the Document of Live Birth…the same fucking document Obama released two years ago. It “is” legal proof that you “are” a citizen of the United States and that’s that. End of Story. It states right on the document that it is legal in any court in the land right on it. Geee…I don’t really know what that means…(rolling eyes)

What would be the point of a government office issuing a birth certificate that you needed to prove you are an American citizen if it didn’t “prove” you were an American Citezen? So fucking stupid…

So now these talking point chuckle heads are trying to save face by saying “Why didnt he just release this long form version two years ago?”….uhhhh, becuase he didnt fucking have to Moron.

No President in the History of the country has been questioned to this degree including the brain dead idiot we had before Obama and now that he released the long form of his Birth Certificate, these dumb-asses are still skeptical and now asking for school records and anything they can to get their digs in. It’s juvenile, racist, embarrassing and ridiculous.   

News Flash Morons…2008 is over. You lost…get over it already. If you don’t like the current people in the white house, the 2012 elections are right around the corner and you can vote for whatever douche bag you want.

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  1. Shameful!
    Who gives a shit if he is Muslim? I thought Americans were allowed to practice whatever religion we want. My birth certificate says that I’m Italian-American and I may decide that RuPaul is my chosen diety. No one at my work cares!

  2. Embarrased is correct.

    It doesn’t matter what color you are or your religion. What matters is your love for your country and the people who live in. Wanting the make this a better place to live and work.

    Obama wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth like that last jerk President we had. He was raised by a single mom and he watched his mother die of cancer.

    He knows what it like to be just a normal person with normal needs, wants and dreams.

    Mike is right, you don’t like Obama, fine, but let him do his job and do what he can to get this country turned around and then if you don’t like him when it is time for the next election, vote for someone else.

    I was in the Army, hence why Mike was born on a Army base and I am an American through and through. Meanwhile, the pricks need to worry about jobs and the economy, not birth certificates and crap. LET THE MAN DO HIS JOB.

  3. We have both kinds of music…Country, and Western. lol..

  4. Well said by everyone!

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