April 20, 2011

Easter Barbarians, Pop-a-Flash and Transmitters…

Still recovering from being sick over the weekend. I’m starting down the tail end of it now but poor Shannie is dealing with it on her spring break. :-( Other than that, getting back to being functional again.

Tonight Shannie wanted to make Easter eggs, so I obliged. Not to make it too “better homes and garden” I decided to do Egg Characters instead of just dipping them is Paz. :-) The image above is the Easter Barbarian….but I also did one of BoBandi, and Rick, the Easter Hedonist which I was too lazy to take a photo of tonight… lol….so we a had a little fun there and I made my baby happy. I’m going to have such twisted kids…lol.

I purchased a Canon Flash Transmitter for my two Canon EX580 II flash units which I received in the mail today….I’m excited about that. I have a pretty flexible mobile strobe lighting system now. I can get them off the camera and onto stands with diffusers and do a basic 3 point lighting setup on batteries. I have two of these stand up diffuser panels I purchased a while back so put them in front and you have soft-boxes essentially. Kind of neat.

I went through this Canon Speedlight DVD over the weekend which brought me up to speed with all the flash functions and had some really cool techniques and tricks. One that was actually pretty awesome was this Pop-A-Flash Macro technique. The flowers above were basically shot with a 4 sec. exposure, handheld and in sharp focus! It’s a weird technique of using the highest F-stop, in this case F36, Iso 100 with a shutter speed of 4 seconds hitting it with a manual flash.

At F36 and above, there is no natural light being taken into the lens so the image is just black….but if you use a high power flash and test fire it at the subject anytime inside the 4 sec time frame, the image only records that brief flash so the image is in sharp focus regardless of camera movement. Pretty crazy really. Its kind of emulating one those old vintage cameras when they fire off the powder flash in those old wild west photos essentially. It’s a technique that works best with Macro Photography, but in general it works.

Fun stuff.

For the photography stuff, It looks like the Clubhouse thing is out. We pay really expensive HOA dues here, but apparently they want to vampire you with the Clubhouse as well making you pay to use it…which is another reason we hate living in an HOA. So it looks like we’ll do this at a remote location. I think I’m going to set up a time at Balboa Park next week and we can do it there. They have that interior courtyard / building structure there that will probably work for us pretty well. A good place to try out the strobes too I think…so shooting for Tuesday/Wed. evening of next week.

I dont know how the timeline is going to work out, but I’m tentetively looking for some kind of studio space for doing photography.

 As far as I know, we’ll be having SbiG this week….with Andy Sidaris…so

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  1. Guys I had to travel this week and I get back tomorrow (Friday). I hope you guys are feeling better and I will join the group for movie viewing pleasure next week. Enjoy Andy :)

  2. I am taking my girlfriend out to dinner tonight so will have to hold off on the gloriousness that is Andy until next time…

  3. no Prob…we’ll miss ya guys. I think next week we’re going to do “Hobo with a Shotgun” that Tim mentioned.

    Should be a good one. :-)

  4. Million dollar question schlong… how old is she?

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