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March 21, 2011

Canon 5D MK II –

Well it was a pretty nice weekend for us here at the Bacon Estate. Thursday night was a good time hanging out with the guys watching the SbiG epic GymKata. lol…All I have to say is Wow. It was pretty SbiG-tastic. Thanks CB for bringing it over. We ended up watching Ninja Assassin afterwards which […]

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March 14, 2011

SbiG/CNA Presents – Gymkata

Having some major slow-downs on the sites today,…uggh.. GYMKATA CNA – Chuck Norris Approved!…( Though from the previews I am thinking this is real SbiG and CN would not in fact approve this…lol. ) Should be fun either way. When: Thursday Evening, Mar. 17th Time: 7:30pm Where: The Bacon Estate  The synopsis: No idea, but it has some queer […]

SbiG Night
March 12, 2011

FX Test – Roving Fireball

I was working on some VFX’s tests last night and having some fun. I’m still getting a handle on some of the interface but I’m starting to like what I’m seeing here. I think I need to bring down the temperature a little to back off on some of the brightest highlights, but all and […]

March 11, 2011

New Machines –

I bit the bullet today and purchased a new computer. I decided I wanted to get something that just handled eveything I want to do so instead of waiting I pulled the trigger on it. I decided on a new Dell XPS9100 machine. It has the second fastest processor out there right now, the  i7-990X six […]

March 6, 2011

A Weekend of Blah –

I’d like to say I got a lot done this weekend but no, I ended up getting sick yet again coming down with another Flu or whatever   Thursday Evening and have been pretty much out of it all weekend. eeegads. I’m still sick now, but more functional this evening. I did put up an ad for a cinematagropher on […]

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March 2, 2011

FX Shot = Awesome

Pretty interesting. As I started digging up info on the director for Monsters I found a major peice of the puzzle…that being him being a Professional VFX guy. I remember making a mention that soon we were going to start seeing the bleed over when these VFX types started crossing over to making quality films. […]

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March 1, 2011

Compact Rig – No SbiG this Week

I purchased a cool little accessory for the 1D, a piece that lets me mount my follow focus over the camera via RedRock Micro HotShoe Adapter. So now I have a much more compact and functional rig for run and gun, or on the pocket dolly where the big cage would be really overkill. I also got […]

Development, Film, Fun Stuff
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